Queenly Power

Concept of ‘Perfect Balance’ is achieved through complex 3D modules, spirograph and shaded colour effects. Characteristics from Elizabethan era and its use of gold thread embroidery denote status and authority. The colour white was associated with shades of gold, silver and bronze to reflect supernatural and magical insight into the universe, manifesting sovereignty. The inspirations for the embroidery is derived from the supreme beauty of mathematics in nature. Perceiving that many forms observed in flora relate to geometry, in this design the theme of the floral in embroidery is re-examined in a different and unusual way. Simple two dimensional circular forms are used to create floral geometry in complex three dimensional structures.

 Materials/Techniques: Gold thread embroidery with the use of gold, bronze and silver metallic thread couching together with rhinestone work. Stainless steel creates the structure with string art using twisted cord.